Roots in Real Thick Mud

Chumlilies, 2023
We are absolutely thrilled to share more Chumlily music with the world! Roots in Real Thick Mud (2023) is an amalgamation of Folk and Americana soundscapes with some Bluegrass seeds blowing in on the breeze. this record is a full-length array of all four Chumlilies' writing and voices. With Runaway Wild (2020) as our initial collaboration and discovery of our collective musical magic, Roots is the fruitional journey of the full Chumliliy bouquet finding home together in a global pandemic. We all settled down in the Wenatchee Valley and found familiarity in our home landscapes where we respectively planted gardens, changed careers, grew babies, nourished partnerships, built homes, and cared for family. While navigating all of these changes we found meaning in creative connection. Nourishing each others sonic endeavors gives our souls wings and lifts the overwhelming density of our modern world. Sharing this music with you has the same effect! We hope you are provided with the collective medicinal qualities it has given us along the way.

Runaway Wild

Chumlilies, 2020